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Personal Guaranty Agreement 

For and in consideration of the extension of credit to:                                                                           (Company Name)
herein referred to as "Buyer" American Arches and other valuable considerations, I (or we), jointly severally, do and agree, to guarantee the payment of any bills for goods or merchandise sold by American Arches, when payment for such good and merchandise becomes due
It is understood that this Guaranty Agreement is to apply to any,all goods or merchandise sold to Buyer during the period beginning with the date hereof and extending to a time when written notice of the cancellation of this Guaranty shall have been received by American Arches by a registered mail and shall cover any such purchases made upon account or evidenced by note or other instruments incurred during this Guaranty.
It is further understood that Guaranty shall not be waived or otherwise impaired by any extension of time for the payment to Buyer or by other means than the express agreement of the parties hereto.
This agreement shall insure to the benefit of the successors and assigns of American Arches, and shall be binding upon the successors and assigns of the guarantors.
In the event it becomes necessary to enforce the terms hereof, guarantors agree to pay all cost of collection, including reasonable attorneys fees.  

I understand that if I make any use of the item other than retention,demonstration or display while holding it for sale, lease or rental, I must pay sales tax on the item at all time of use based either the purchase price or the fair market rental value for the period of time used.
I understand that it is a misdemeanor to give a resale certificate to the seller for taxable items I know, at time of purchase, are purchases for use rather than for the purpose of resale. lease, or rental, and that upon conviction I may be fined more than $500.00 per offence.

1. Our standard Fabricator terms of sale are net 10 days, invoice is overdue on the 12th day.
2. All other  (Dealer, Franchisee) terms of sales are from shipment date.
3. Accounts with delinquencies invoices may be refused delivery or production until past due amounts are paid in full.
4. In the event that American Arches are forced to file suit or utilize a collection agency  collect for your purchased, you agree to pay applicable, court cost , reasonable attorney fees, and collection cost..

Purchaser                                                           Title                                            Date  

as of 1-1-2011 a valid credit card on file is required to open an account

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