Custom Movable and Non-movable Arch Specifications












Street Side 

Non-operable :    Sunburst (more light)      Slatburst (less light)    Blackout (no light) 
Movable:              Operable Slatburst

MDF, (multi-density fiberboard) a durable engineered wood product. MDF is an epoxy-bonded wood                    fiber material resistant to warping, cracking and breakage.
American Arches are designed to mount outside the window opening (OM) with an overlap on the right, left and top of 11/8" for square sheetrock and 1/2" for rounded sheetrock. American Arches can be designed to mount  inside (IM) the window opening and mounted by using an American Arch mounting strip. No brackets or nails required. 
Custom movable and non-movable arches are designed with several bottom frame selections
What’s below ​    (BL)       0 " Added to "B"  will set on top of valance 
                           (SR)       1”  Added to "B"  will cover sheetrock
                           (SL)        0"  No Additional Bottom Frame added for sill (SL),or (S/H) shutter installations

Minimum height is 9” (16” for operable) Maximum height is 60% of the width not to exceed 48”
Minimum width is 18” Maximum width is 96”(unlimited widths will be in multiple pieces),  Non-movable products greater than 59" width will be in 2 pieces. Movable products greater than 49" width will be in 2 pieces. Any arch can be manufactured to dimensions shown by checking the box  make exact
Any custom arch can be manufactured to match existing, new shutters or trim widths
New shutters should be ordered with a top sill frame

All arches are painted to match current popular paint colors. Any Sherwin Williams paint colors can be matched. American Arches does not stain any product.

All arches have pre-drilled mounting holes with supplied screws and button caps for easy mounting to sheetrock, molding or mounting strips. Supplied touch-up paint includedNo brackets or nails required
All custom types are offered at the same price based on width size (height not to exceed 60% the width) 
add 25% for Circles, Ovals and any other Polygon shapes) and have a unique flush mounting design, no            product inside the window opening that insures a goof proof  installation.  
Templates are not required in most cases except for inside mounted arches. The American Arch mounting
strip is required or inside mounting at an additional cost. Check the box on order form Template
(note: American Arches does not  hand cut to template, made to smallest size of template field trimming maybe be necessary
All mounting strips are cut to dimensions provided. American Arches will deduct 1/8” inch from all sides of           arch to insure proper fit. Any alterations should be made to the mounting strip, not to the arch.
1½” wide (mounting strip) x  ½” Thick.  All mounting strips over 59" will be in 2 parts
Street side Backings are made from a 1/4" grooved Panel attached to the back of the arch so  Blackout Rays will be seen from the street. Blackout Arches normally have a flat panel look on the back side. All Street Side Backings are at an additional cost.
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See "How To" for instalation instructions